Hopkins has a huge pre-med population. As a requirement of this professional track, students must take organic chemistry, which requires a good 3D imagination and a thorough understanding of the molecular structures. Many Hopkins students has expressed difficulty in learning and has always wished for a better way to learn.

What it does

It scans a molecular formula and projects a 3D model, which can be zoomed in/out and be rotated. The model can also save the picture for later review.

How we built it

We used Vuforia to realize the AR function. We utilized several open source libraries to import 3D molecule models. Then we wired everything and finished this application.

Challenges we ran into

Target images have some restrictions. We have to scan images and import models manually. Also, Vuforia SDK doesn't have a detailed tutorial.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our first iOS app ever, and more so, it is an Augmented Reality application. The most important is that we can really help our friends and many other students who are struggling with organic chemistry. This app can provide a new way to understand the chemistry world.

What we learned

iOS development, iOS design, AR development, 3D models.

What's next for Orgo Savior

We aim to work with chemistry textbook publisher and chemistry teachers to use our application to help student better understand chemistry structures. We also plan to publish our application on the App Store for free after a more robust version for free. Moreover, we can expand this app to include more subjects like art history, maths and so on. This is going to be the future way of learning by providing a brand new way of presenting pictures.

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