• Increase of distanced learning due to COVID-19 causes an increase in emails from schools concerning online meeting schedules, material distribution, and due dates.
  • Paper planners are now obsolete since everything is through email, but it is extremely difficult to keep track of due dates and meeting dates.
  • Why not create a digital assistant to generate an electronic planner on Google Calendar using information from Gmail?

What it does

  • Extract dates and events from Gmail with ease and mass import them into Google Calendar
  • Saves the user's time with auto-import and searching algorithms

How I built it

  • Gmail API
  • Google Calendar API
  • Date Detection Algorithms

Challenges I ran into

  • APIs are hard to import

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • It works well

What I learned

  • Google makes a lot of APIs

What's next for OrgNow

  • Time Zones
  • User Database
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