Bureaucracy and organizational inefficiency can sneak up on and handicap even the best companies. In fact, the perception of unnecessary process and structure killing productivity is so common that it can sometimes seem like an inevitable part of a company’s growth. Despite this, the tools we have for understanding when and how our organizations are becoming unhealthy are generally qualitative, created in house, and fail to give us actionable insights. We created OrgInsights to solve this problem.

Productivity suites like Office 365 are a natural system of record for the interactions between all the employees in your company. Just by using Office 365 you create a trove of data that OrgInsights can leverage to show you the pulse of your company. We give you robust people and process analytics with just a couple clicks, and we surface them to you in a way that shows you when, where, and how your team has started to slow down so that you can get the train back on the tracks.

The OrgInsights dashboard gives your team:

  • Measures of Efficiency: we ingest calendar, email, and directory data from the Microsoft Graph API to provide consistent measures of health like hours spent in meetings and volume of email received. Going forward, the platform will apply the latest measures of health proposed by organizational theory: sentiment analysis of communications between managers and their reports is next.

  • Trends: we show you the change over time in the metrics of your organization so that you can establish a baseline, understand when you have a developing problem, and have confidence that your corrective actions are effective.

  • Org Explorer: we give you a unique view of your organization by overlaying a heatmap on your team’s org chart so that you can spot problem areas at a glance, understand which teams and departments are at risk, and see how the individuals in those teams contribute to the overall health.

  • Contextualized Metrics: we give you the numbers for your team broken down by role so that you can understand the metric in the context of responsibilities that vary by position. As more organizations are onboarded to the OrgInsights platform, this context will become even more valuable as we supplement it with how your team stacks up against others in the same industry vertical.

With rich people and team analytics, your organization can start to understand the causes of employee churn and dissatisfaction as well as the characteristics of your most successful teams. OrgInsights enables you to make your team the best it can be.

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