Viewing Pull Requests in Bitbucket is limited to repositories - but teams, managers and leaders need to be able to get a bigger picture, across multiple repositories, projects - the entire instance!

They also may feel the need to annotate Pull Requests with metadata like labels and due dates for example.

What it does

  1. Organizr enables users to add metadata like labels and due dates.

  2. Organizr provides a navigator page that lists all Pull Request filtered by by due date, label(s), author, reviewer(s), state ... Organizr enables users to use filter terminology like

state = open & label IN [codegeist, urgent] & duedate <= 2016-Aug-26

How I built it

Created a new Bitbucket add-on with the Altassian Add-on SDK, wrote the REST API, Services, Active Objects Dao and unit tests in Java.

Brought team-mate Miles on board to get the UI framework wired up. Together we wrote the entire frontend in a week.

Challenges I ran into

Learning 2 new frameworks React and Redux within a week, get productive and finish on time! One of the most intense weeks of my life. Big thanks to my wife and family for all the backup, support and delicious meals, coffee and uninterrupted dev-time :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

So glad I started on React/Redux. I feel like I've this amazing and interesting toy now. I don't want to play with anything else any more (in the realms of coding, that is).

What I learned

Being a project manager, coder and student at the same time is a great challenge - that can be mastered when staying connected, communicating and using the best tools.

What's next for Organizr for Bitbucket (Server)

Leverage Bitbucket repository and pull request metadata and focus on enterprise reporting, graphs and BI.

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