Because Coronavirus continues to put pressure on students and teachers alike, and because I'm a student too, I've see first hand how we're struggling with new technology. When I was using my school's software, I realized that most of the programs were overly complicated and difficult to use. I wanted to create a simplistic program that helped students and teachers stay organized an on top of their work and assignments.

What it does

Organized Schooling has four main functions. There is a book browser, which allows teachers to upload a file with books and their information. Then students can search/select a book to find their book's title, author, publication year, genre, description, and age range. This gives them each individual book information. Teachers can also upload a file with students' names, scores, and missing assignments onto a electronic gradebook to view statistics of their class' grades, including averages, highest and lowest scores, and the amount of students who have missing assignments. Lastly, there is a notetaking feature that can save users' notes to a file on their computer.

How we built it

I used Visual Basic in Visual Studio, and used Procreate to draw the images.

Challenges I ran into

The first challenge that I ran into was how I would approach this project. I got my idea for my project fairly quickly, but I had no idea in which language/which IDE I was going to use. There were also many bugs that I ran into because of the amount of work I had to do in such a short amount of time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Simply completing this project is something I'm pretty proud of, because this is my first Hackathon and I'm not super familiar with Visual Basic. Because I did this project alone, I was in charge of everything, including the design. I'm pretty proud of the images on my project, because I hand-drew them myself, and I think they look really good.

What I learned

I really fine-tuned my processes for solving bugs, especially after encountering many, many of them. I've also learning a lot more about the language of Visual Basic, like writing to a file, etc. Overall, I really learned about patience and about persistence, especially during high-pressure situations, like this hackathon.

What's next for Organized Schooling

I definitely want to Develop Organized Schooling even more, and maybe find a way to expand its functionality. There are always areas for improvements, and I look forward to moving in that direction.

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