Planning a school semester can be a hard task. You need to make your agenda, make your deadlines reminder, make your exam schedule and find a place to put all of your class notes. I have used a lot of tools for those task like Google Agenda, Trello, OneNote, etc. If only there could only be one place where I could do all these tasks...

After track-it, our last hackathon, here is organize-it!

What it does

Our application was supposed to be a place where you could enter, each semester, your classes, agenda, exams, notes and deadlines. Currently, the application only allows you to enter your semester and your classes, but the backend is fully ready for the deadlines, the agenda and the notes.

How we built it

We built a Single Page Application (SPA) with an c# backend and a vue.js frontend. As a database, we used entity framework and identity to setup an in-memory database (To save time!). For the notes storage, we stored it in the cloud using Azure blobs

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, most of the team was unfamiliar with vue.js which slowed down a lot the frontend development

What we learned

Never use authentification again for a hackathon project to focus on the main features

Whats next for Oragnize-it

In its current state, as of 9 AM the app doesn't do anything. The system for uploading and downloading files is practically done, we only need to add buttons on the front end!

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