Our group was inspired by the scale of Rotary International and, consequently, the potential Waltham Rotary Club has to grow as an organization. We were particularly inspired by the belief of service above all else that the organization emphasizes, and how the value of entrepreneurship could be highlighted through service initiatives. Our hack's inspiration came from our group's observation of threats and weaknesses in the club's SWOT analysis. We decided that creating an operations report would help directly address these issues and be the most efficient solution that the organization can use. We aimed for a more Non-Technical solution as the organization had a lack of empirical data making technical hacks more difficult to create. Instead, the operational report provides a business perspective into the organization that has a brief analysis of the problems the club is facing along with hand crafted solutions that our group created.

What it does

Documentation that identifies problems in the organization, provides detailed solutions, and methodology of those solutions. We focus on member diversity, member accountability, and social media presence. The operational report offers suggestions and instructions to address these problems. We also provide examples of certain suggestions in the operational report.

How we built it

Analyzed the organization’s SWOT to identify weaknesses and threats, proposed targeted solutions to each of the identified disruptions, detailed implementation manuals for each solution. We researched other organizations with similar goals and modelled certain certain solutions to those organization’s successes.

Challenges we ran into

We found a lack of numerical/empirical data and documentation within the club. This made it hard for us to find a technical solution, as we were not sure if any solutions we brought to the table were really needed or would be useful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are really proud of the end result for our hack. The resulting 13 page operations report provides specific information on solutions that can help the Rotary Club improve their issues. It was amazing to work as a team of four on this project while knowing that the resulting document will genuinely be used to benefit such an amazing non-profit. Brendon, Rohit, and Allen were super excited in finishing their first ever hack.

What we learned

We learned how to innovate a company's business operations without being given empirical data. We also learned how we could combine aspects of STEM with business paradigms to propose solutions.

What's next for Organizational Report - Waltham RC

We think Waltham RC should branch out to other social media to help bring in new members of different backgrounds. Additionally, a dashboard to display data from members surveys can help the club keep track of membership, member activity, and other club financials more easily.

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