We hate exchanging contacts with our phones. We have to give them our number, and then they have to save it, open up a new message, and send a text with their name, phone, email, and any other information they think is useful. This whole process feels like FOREVER when you transition from being deep in a conversation to both of you staring at your phone screens. Even worse, sometimes one of the people forgets to text back or copies the number incorrectly. Apps that try to address this problem take nearly as many steps as doing it manually, so what's the point?

We set out to build an app that listens for the addition of a contact and then automatically sends the new contact your information! You can choose a default amount of information to give (some people might want to just share their phone numbers while others may also want to share their emails). It can also send personalized messages with the new contact's information.

We're really proud that we could make the app completely discrete. It starts on startup, takes very, very little battery life, and does just it's job. It doesn't bother the user at all!

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