The project is solemnly designed to help folks overcome their Organizational Management issues. The tedious job of making calendars, sticky notes, accounting expense bills made easier.

What it does

The To-Do List helps user directly fill out the html form and store the data into its local device. The Orgo-Calendar helps people working in a community/organization to deal with The expense calculator helps in managing the daily/weekly transactions on single screen.

How we built it

Project is built with basic web development functionalities, using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, API

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was of storing the data without any backend cloud database. Other challenges include designing, txt formatting, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A real time multipurpose application that can be used in offices, communities, educational and corporate sectors to manage and track the data nicely.

What we learned

We learned about corporate life, their problems, pros and cons of existing scenarios. We also understood how easy solutions can tackle big problems!

What's next for OrgaNice

Planning for a speech to text command operation in the application to make it more convenient for user to manage the events, meetings, expenses, remainder, etc.

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