We friends were planning on how to celebrate Holi Festival(Festival of Color) this year but one of our friend told that he would not celebrate Holi with us because he has some sort of allergy to the artificial Colors made using different Colors. Then we had an idea of celebrating Holi with organic Colors. With the same idea, I planned to prepare a discord Bot that will allow user to get the procedure of making organic Bot so that people with allergy can be celebrate festival well.

What it does

It is and scalable Discord Bot that can be integrated on different discord servers and whenever user will give command of desired color then the bot will show them how they can prepare organic color of that color.

How I built it

First of all, I Created a bot inside Discord Developer Portal. Secondly, I programmed on node.js with all the commands that I needed for making the bot ready. Lastly, I tested the final bot locally then when everything was working perfect then I deployed the bot to heroku server so that it is accessible all the time.

Challenges I ran into

Since this was my first experience with making discord bot and node.js . I felt some difficult during the project but with great tutorials and instructions available online, I was able to setup bot ready for the hackathon. Moreover, Creating video was little time consuming as people were celebrating Holi Festival outside with loudvoices and I had to wait until they celebrated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am really happy that I successfully learnt to make an Discord bot which I was planning since long but couldn't give time. But due to Hue Hacks, I was able to accomplish this goal.

What I learned

I learned many things during the Hackathon. I learned to create a Discord Bot with Node.js and learned how easily we can setup server on services like Heroku to keep our bot up running 24/7 .

What's next for Organic-Holi

There are some other features that I had planned to integrate for Organic-Holi later on and that is to get Image of an ingredient from user on discord and reply them with if they can make organic color from that ingredient or not and if yes then which color can be made from that ingredient with the procedure.

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