Inspiration: because of the urgent matter of lacking a reliable and accessible way for organ donors and patients to connect, leading to a massive number of patients dying because of lacking organs accessibility.

What it does: A program that serves as a marketplace, a database of information of donated organs and accessed by hospitals and organizations that need donation.

How we built it: The current application is a mobile application built using Flutter - a framework made by Google to develop multi-platform, native application, and Google Map API to access the Google Map and the standing location. The application is divided using a bottom navigation bar which contains 4 elements: Home (the marketplace), Information (containing some information about how to donate, why to donate), Location (containing some possible places that take organ donation and their location), Donate (to put in a new Organ on the market).

Challenges we ran into: Accessing developing country's databases, following all government regulations, and ensuring user privacy.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: Completely finishing the demo of the application, brainstorming a working idea that can be implemented further.

What we learned: We learned how the organ transplantation market works, how the process of accessing databases via the government works, and how to build a working business model, and how to code a working application.

What's next for OrganBank: We plan to develop it further towards making it a completed model and hopefully a working service that can be widely accessed in developing countries.

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