The Problem

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, many people face problems of getting food, due to the decreasing number of delivery workers, the inability to dine in, and the expensive fee of delivery. This problem applies especially for students living in boarding houses, with no cooking skills, that have no other choice other than to delivery food.

Our Inspiration

As students living in boarding houses ourselves, we do realize the challenges of trying to get food in every lunch and dinner time period. Some of us are not comfortable to get take-aways, which then leads to ordering delivery from time to time. A problem that we encounter is when the preferences between friends differ, which results in multiple delivery, resulting in a more expensive delivery fee. It would be great to gather people living in the area to collaborate on food delivery.

What It Does

Our OrderTogether platform shows the current orders by other users that the user can join. By joining, the user could have the same delivery with other users, which will cut delivery cost. Users are also available to make a new order, which other users can join the delivery orders.

How We Built It

We decided to build the application in two parts, the front end and the back end. The front end was made using ReactJS and the back end was made using Flask. We also used gitHub to collaborate.

Challenges We Ran Into

As our first web development project, the project has been full of challenges. We faced problems in using the React library, which none of us were familiar with. Moreover, we also faced problems in connecting the Flask API with the React. We faced minor problems in gitHub as only one of us is familiar with it. We also felt that our team progress is very slow because of the inability to meet face to face.

Accomplishments that We are Proud of

We are proud that for our first project, we managed to create a working prototype. We also managed to learn a new language in the span of less than 2 days. Most improtantly, we are proud that we did not give up up, even though we encountered numerous problems.

What We Learned

Other than the technical-coding side of our project, we also learned about perseverance. As people who are unfamiliar with the language, we learned to never give up and always try to find the solution to every problem (and bug). It is a great learning experience as we are exposed to real world problems and can implement our skill sets to the project.

What's Next for OrderTogether - MAPeL

In the future, we can implement more features to our platform. We can have the platform connected to the user’s bank account, in which the application will count the individual fee's and charge it automatically. OrderTogether can also work with local businesses, to make them featured and gain more customers. Hopefully, the platform can be beneficial for every users.

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