Inspiration: Standing in queue is obviously the most tiring and irritating task one can ever do, this becomes a frustrating task when you are hungry. So, we know food and queue doesn't go together. This inspired us to come up with a solution that would help people with the hassle of queue in the food court for payment as well as ordering.

What it does: It lets you order and pay for your food without even going to the counter. So, just relax , order your meal and wait for it to arrive on your table.

How I built it: Built using the technical stacks such as Django for backend, Java for android application( client side) fo customers and HTML, CSS, JS for web application (client side) for vendors

Challenges I ran into: Integrating the Django backend to work with both android and webapp.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Successfully integrated the backend with both the stacks (android and webapp) and completed the project in time

What I learned: Django does not fit well into android development ;)

What's next for OrderMate: Various plans have been thought by our teams. Integrating the app with the concept of machine learning for recommended stuffs and intelligent guessing.

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