With AI and autonomy becoming more evident in the current world, we thought about areas that still use outdated, traditional, and inefficient methods of services. One of the current inefficiencies that we thought about was dining in a restaurant. Due to Covid restrictions, people should not interact with each other too closely. This is the same for Waiters and Waitresses, as nowadays they cannot communicate too closely with the customers. As well, in a busy restaurant setting, getting the attention of a server may take a while, and this gap opens up a field in automation. With the use of Voiceflow, and CockroachDB, we came up with an efficient, and cost-saving solution to take in customer orders at their convenience.

What it does

  • Take in Customer Orders
  • Automatically calculates the bill
  • Corrects and checks orders
  • All automatic

Challenges we ran into

Voiceflow software was relatively easy to use but still required some learning beforehand. Their tutorials were simple and easy to follow, however, we found them lacking as more difficult features required us to figure it out by ourselves. As well, there were lots of technical difficulties. As Voiceflow is a newer software, it had bugs and sometimes reverted changes that we have made, as collaborating online with 4 people made it laggy at times. As well, Cockroach's free cluster was down for several hours and delaying our progress.

What's next for OrderMaid

We wanted to integrate machine learning for experimenting with our utterances. This allows us to detect more phrases that people commonly use when they want to order food. Unfortunately, for now, Voiceflow in its early stages does not have a feature that can support this, so in order for us to accomplish this, we would have to look at other tools.

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