• I did a course on freelancing three years back which inspired me.
  • I saw the market situation, Almost one million freelancers working in the international market and earning more than one billion dollars annually, and pay 20% of their hard-earned money in the shape of commission and 5 to 10 percent to digital payment services providers to bring their money in Pakistan.
  • Unavailability of the local marketplace in Pakistan.
  • Services provider gets money in advance and does not provide services up to the desired level of the customer.
  • People scamming in the name of online jobs. this type of issue is often reported on social media in freelancers groups. and every day someone sharing that does not work with the following Freelancer, he takes money and does not provide services. and same with the buyer
  • My Co-founder and I are also Freelancers and he is a web developer. We personally witnessed these problems.
  • Government supporting Freelancing efforts. So we decided to start a local freelance marketplace in Pakistan and we took this Idea as our startup. My co-founder is a web developer and he developed this platform. I am good at business development and planning.

What it does

  • * is a Freelance marketplace *
  • We act as a bridge and connects buyers and sellers on a single platform with the security of safe & smooth financial transaction.
  • When an order is placed, buyers pay "" the “order” price which also includes a 1$ service fee. Upon successful completion of an “order”, We hold payment for 7 days then makes 87% of the order price available to the seller/freelancers of the order.
  • We have the same working standard as per the international marketplace.
  • Demo video how works Watch on YouTube

How we built it

  • We took almost two years to develop and improve this platform. My team member Danish Afzal developed with the help of other Pakistani freelancers.
  • We added JazzCash as a payment gateway. When any freelancer gets order buyers to pay money in advance through our Jazz cash payment gateway.
  • Our Platform is using PHP in its core and is built on a CMS.

Challenges we ran into

  • In the development phase, we ran into multiple challenges like making the platform easy to use and beginner-friendly so everyone can use it.
  • becomes unavailable when we get a huge number of visitors after some marketing campaigns.
  • Money was a big challenge when you are earning nothing but spending continues.
  • Freelancers are still skeptical about the legitimacy of (

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • is beta-ready and since the start, we've overcome many challenges to bring this platform to its current stage.
  • We have 2700 registered users who sign up with us.
  • Persistence even if there is no successful output yet.

What we learned

  • We studied this for two years. Pakistani market is emerging market and has high acceptability new digital thing.
  • Sacrificing small goals for a bigger picture.
  • In this Covid-19 businesses and individuals release the importance of remote working.
  • We have learned it doesn't matter if you have to work overnight to solve the problems of your clients because, in the end, it is always worth it.

What's next for

  • Get funded by investors.
  • After the Successful execution of this business in Pakistan, we will expand it globally.
  • We will start a Fintech startup for collecting payments in Pakistan.
  • will also start an online learning platform where users can learn how to make money Online by learning different skills.
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