Inspired by the all-time favorite, animated movie character(s) The Minions. Just like the minions, we are indistinguishable as fellows but unique in our own skills. And yes, don't worry, the website is not written in the Banana Language.

What it does

The portfolio-website showcases the amazing team at Pod-2.1.0 and the awesome projects created together during the MLH Fellowship Explorer Batch-2 Spring 2021.

How we built it

We built with our collaborative efforts, with the help of reactjs, css-bootstrap, figma-design, heroku and netlify. Important to mention, minions helped a lot in making the website and thus bananas are offered to them.

Challenges we ran into

During the whole collaboration we ran into multiple challenges but our team was ready to tackle anything.

  • Difference in opinions: Each of us partitioned in the group has our opinions and recommendation, sometimes those collides sometimes becomes constructive.

  • Come up with a good Design: Design is really critical when it comes to making websites of any kind. All credits to Devesh who came up with the starting design and we could make the rest a charm. Further more participants joined him in the design part and then it worked as a blessing for our project.

  • Merge Conflicts: We tackled this problem in the smoothest way possible, since we already knew that it's a 12 member pod and if everyone pushes everything the resultant website gonna look like drunk one with cheap alcohol. So we have decided that no one will push directly to main branch, and every commit possible would be in the form of a Pull request, and no pull request will be merged by the creator of that Pull request, and that made our collaboration a charm.

  • Unfamiliarity with the tech stack: Many of us were new to react, no matter what learning takes some time and we got little time, so we decided to make groups such that every group has one or more person proficient with the tech stack, so that they can teach to other fellows and others learn it fast.

  • Reviewing the Pull requests: Earlier during start, it was much harder for us to review the opened pull request and then do our own part too, since we had to checkout to that PR to review and that unsyncs our own done work in some ways, so we decided to integrate live preview in the PR and it worked like charm, the review process got much easier than expected and we could do things in speed.

  • Meetings and Shared Opinions: Meetings really becomes crucial when it comes to making something that has shared resources, it's a total waste of hard work if more than one people are doing the exact same thing unknowingly that someone else is doing the same. We had a meeting with all the 14 members then discord chats, then internal meetings of groups and that's how we collaborated successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Building our first website together as a team
  • We completed the website within the time frame of 24 hours!
  • Our collaboration as a team! We are one!
  • Full Fun we had during the collaboration

What we learned

  • Teamwork
  • Code collaboration on GitHub
  • Creating, assigning, solving issues in a repository
  • Creating, merging, reviewing pull requests
  • Creating live previews for PRs
  • Building static webpages with React

What's next for Ordered Minions


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