Have you ever had to collect orders from a large group of people for an event? Then you know how disorganized it can get when everyone is texting at different times what they want you to order (not to mention all the complicated orders for the picky eaters). OrdeRecoder provides a place for everyone in a group to record their own order, so the host can see it all in a single place.

How it works

Sign in to begin. Create lists titled with the name of the restaurant you and your group want to order food from. Then invite friends to add their name and order to the list. Individuals will then record their unique order for a certain restaurants.

Challenges I ran into

Currently, AppInventor does not have a a function in which a user can enter data into a table. We had to find a new way to accomplish this task. We also had trouble finding a way to link lists to each other, as there is no way to create a list of lists. In addition, we are having difficulties implementing the sign in and sharing features.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud of creating a functioning app that neatly arranges the users input into a table as well as finding a way to link elements of a list (restaurants) to other lists (order list, name list, date list).

What I learned

There are many complications to creating a functioning app. We have learned about back-end developing, and designing a decent user interface, as well as communicating with team members.

What's next for OrdeRecorder

Link the app to fusion tables so that all the information can be seen in google drive, as well as on the app. This will also help with data organization, user sign in, and sharing.

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