There is a shortage of pet parents and abundance of fur babies. It is our belief that the right pet is waiting for you.

What it does

Furbabies Co was created with the adoption agencies in mind. It is made to increase adoptions rates for pets who need a home. It helps connect pet parents to their future fur babies. It will have an interface to swipe right or left for all types of pets that need a home. When you swipe right, you are matched to the pet and can chat with the organization/owner about the pet to setup a visit. Right now, you click a check mark to match and an "x" to pass on the pet.

How I built it

  • Online Tool: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, Redux
  • Server: Node.js - AWS
  • Database: Aurora - MySQL - AWS

Challenges I ran into

Profiles in mobile view were very difficult to figure out. Mobile view for iOS was the most challenging part of this entire project. It required a lot of adjustments to many component CSS classes. That is probably one of the problems with developing on Chrome first. Microsoft browsers were also a challenge and are still a struggle. It works best in Chrome, Opera, Firefox, and Safari.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am most proud of the play date feature. You click on the chat menu item on the top navigation bar, and expand a pet to get to this feature. You can select a date, time and location to send to the receiving party (pet owner or future pet owner). The receiving part will get a notification inside the chat to either accept or decline the play date. All pending and accepted play dates are displayed in the user's calendar.

What I learned

Cross browser compatibility is definitely a complicated mess. It would have been easier to use Bootstrap, but I decided to create my own components and CSS classes.

What's next for Furbabies Co

Commercial use will be available that allows owners to set up play-dates for their fur babies to create a picturesque moment that maybe shared with friends and family for years to come.

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