We love reading and helping others! We had summer reading assignments, but no platform at which we could discuss our opinions on the books, so we wanted to create an app to help alleviate that problem.

What it does

It connects and engages readers who are reading the same or similar books. Upcoming feature: connect to libraries, get suggestions from users and personalized ones from us!

How I built it

We initially intended to make an applet but changed our minds because we knew we couldn't finish on time and made a website. We used HTML, CSS, and bootstrap and did it at the last second !!

Challenges I ran into

We changed ideas last second since applet wasn't our strong point. Connectivity was a little slow but we did it! #girlpower

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It took us 10+ hours to do the original but we finished the final one under 2 hours :) (after changing our minds!!!) It looks really nice as well here: link

What I learned

Online Hacks are cool Never do anything last minute --> figure out the right project right away!! Time flies :)

What's next for Online Reading Club (ORC)

An app!!!! both android and apple (download our app please :)) Facebook page! Like us!

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