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This site is currently being built as a project for NUS Orbital 2014. It is built with Ruby on Rails.


You will need the following tools: postgresql, ruby rvm and rails, git, nodeJS, gulpJS, imagemagick, and git. Now you can clone the project to your PC.

git clone

Rails setup

  • Install the gems in the directory: sh bundle install
  • create a database.yml file

  • you may want to precompile the assets files

    rake assets:precompile

Imagemagick image manipulation

You need Imagemagick compiled with librsvg support, on OSX with brew,

brew install imagemagick --with-librsvg

Browser-sync for testing

  • Install browser-sync sh npm install browser-sync --save-dev
  • Then you can start the rails server sh rails s
  • Which BS will use. Type: sh gulp and you're done.
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