This year when our physics class went online, our teachers weren’t able to use any of their practical materials to explain the circular motion of gravity. With this tool, hopefully it won’t be as hard.

What it does

Uses Newtonian Physics to calculate the paths of different massive bodies determined by gravitation.

How I built it

Using Java, and OSP, a barebones visual library which allows you to draw shapes on a graph basically.

Challenges I ran into

UI Development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The inelastic collisions. Also, the variable time intervals, slowing down the simulation when higher forces and higher speeds are involved so as to get more accurate calculations. It’s also our first project based hackathon so I’m pretty thrilled that we finished at all!

What I learned

Not to write everything and then test.

What's next for Orbital Simulator

Elastic Collisions.

Coded by Alec#1101, Hobbes#9558, Tyler890#9160

Video by Viraj_Cz#7872

Built With

  • java
  • opensourcephysics
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