We have experienced the impact of CLIIMATE change . With climate changes the precipitation has become extreme and I have personally suffered a flooding as well as drought in last few years. We have to act now or perish

What it does

With Orbis Multi-functional riding enters new paradigm. Riding will be SAFER - Shortest & Fastest route Productive - Earn for every mile you ride More Social - Community events , Awareness camps & News feed Less CO2 - can save up-to 30 million ton of CO2 by achieving 40% riding

How we built it

With data of TORINO(open street map) we have designed the Orbis which tells existing & non-existing cycle paths(using machine learning algorithms) and number of users using it. Data of IN-DEMAND routes without cycle paths will be shared with Government for development. Increase in cycle paths will improve safety. RIDE & EARN and Game oriented features will further nudge people to ride bicycle. Interactive Newsfeed to keep updated

Challenges we ran into

Getting data of cycle path data of City of TORINO. Developing algorithms to find the existing and non-existing cycle paths. Generate synthetic path input

Accomplishments that we're proud of

TORINO at present does not have Navigation support for cycle riders. We are happy we have made the start, With our work have identified the non-existing cycle which are in-demand and necessary. We will be share this data with public authorities so that more cycle path developed and riding will be safe encouraging more people start riding.

Orbis App is developed with available resources. Its unique with RIDE & EARN feature that will push people to take up the eco-friendly riding and be healthy

What we learned

TO work with available resource to make the best. Believe in objective and work forward. With best efforts and team work we can achieve. We became more aware of this climate and encourage to take this project till the finish line

What's next for Orbis - be the change

We need EXPERT mentor’s guiding to make full functional app for world users and get this start-up forward. . FUNDS to access more resources like collecting data using mobile app.• To find the mode of transport and GPS data to train the algorithm to give better solution, improve features (navigation, community awareness)and UX/UI of the application.

Once published revenue source will Advertisement & Government.

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