As an answer for the Tatra Bank challange so me as a millenials, i know how complicated and small motivation to do investing and saving money, so i create an apps that will be helping the milenialls to invest and do some savings. And the other motivation is I always get lost when facing with my cash flows so I dont remeber where are my money going :D, so yes i built the things to solve my problems, and the challange from Tatra Banka. and orava in english is squirrel, they save nuts so they dont starve on winter season.

What it does

I design the app as mobile first, so it does such a pretty useful things, to teach the Gen-Z about how to manage money, to save money, to monitor cash flows, and to motivate to save money, And it have some cute spirit animals that represent you on savings money! The app can categorize the consumer of the apps after they do the first time quick quiz, after that user can get personalized saving prospect that based on the that data. And the saving is allocated to three main part, Daily Saving, which is sort of wallet that can be used to do everyday activities (paying transport, eating and other else), and then Dream Saving that can be used to allocate money/ saving money for something that you want to buy, and last is the Future Savings which is savings for the future, in case there emergency fund needed, and there are the portofolio for the user that can be seen, there are income outcome overview so we can see the cash flows, and the other charts that related to user savings/ prediction of the balance of the savings on the future with ROR percentage, and last is the learning page that’s looks cool sort of card and it does contain some subject that matters/ something about how to manage money and so on.

How I built it

I built it using Django, and python of course, and some slight of open source library like bootstrap, google icon, and other else.

Challenges I ran into

I’m not sleeping for finishing this, so I'm so sleepy; there are some slight problem on my computer that makes me thinking out loud too, but i managed and succesed fixing it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm very proud because I'm building this alone, as a high school student :D, I'm really not sure on myself but I did finish it:D So yeah I'm very proud of this. And the apps looks cool =)

What I learned

I learn a lot from this, especially i'm building this alone, as a high school student :D, i learn about time management i learn about many things, investing, savings, and the others related to money. i glad and proud that i can finish this app. :)

What's next for orava

I want to upgrade, add more features and fixing all the bugs that has been around, and maybe i will use it as my daily savings tracker app, because im bad at saving money.

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