Our inspiration came from wanting to create an interactive learning environment that would be different from the standard training style. We are all very different and each bring something different to the challenge, we used our own personality differences and learning styles to incorporate a hands-on approaches to learning for Home Depot.

What It Does

Our OrangeZONE App allows the user (store associates and managers) to manage their accounts, keep track of points earned, participate in store incentives, and upload knowledge articles by scanning a barcode. Additionally, it will be a great resource with easy navigation through the app, permitting the user to update the database and earn points along the way. The points will be tallied based on the store manager’s discretion. The information will be provided in the format of a game and the incentives will encourage participation from store associates. The manager will have a separate profile setting where they can review the progress of their associates, as well as approve uploads. The manager can organize a new game by simply clicking on the “Recently Added” or “Top Sellers” they want and it will be added to “HDplay” with the title they entered.

How We Built It

We built this using a few different resources: 1) MOBIRISE: a great, easy-to-learn API platform that we used to implement the design and how the functionality might look. 2) Google Slides: we used the Google slide to work on the slide show presentation to explain the concept behind the App. 3) Microsoft Paint: allowed us to design mocks of how the games and interactions would look on a Mobile App.

Challenges We Ran Into

The main challenge we ran into was time and the deadline, we had an elaborate idea but had to break it down into something more concrete. With only two nights to work on this and very limited coding experience, we had to get creative on how to implement our ideas.

Accomplishments That We Are Proud Of

We are very proud as this is all of our first times at a hackathon. It has truly been a unique and enlightening experience that we will cherish always! We are glad that we came out and gave it shot and learned a lot along the way. Looking forward to our next one already!

What We learned

We learned how to use the GitHub and Mobirise platform. We learned that we can accomplish a lot in a short time and that challenging ourselves can be fun.

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