There is a huge disparity in education in urban areas and rural (remote) areas. Key areas of disparity are Infrastructure, Human Resource and Logistics. While the urban areas have the best school buildings, ICT labs and well stocked libraries, rural areas have schools under trees, inadequate staff and logistics.

Orange Education is thus, a solar powered mobile classroom (built from shipping containers) fitted with laptops. the laptops have an interactive software embedded with the Ghana Education Service (GES) approved software, recommended text books and other resources.

The initial target is Junior High School students in rural Ghana who are 760,000 students out of the 1,170,000 JHS students in Ghana.

This mobile classroom with the software solves all 3 key problems of infrastructure, human resource and logistics. Key features include the digitized GES approved syllabus, School Management, Performance tracker and the mobility of the classroom.

kindly follow the link below to a PowerPoint Presentation

The Orange Education team is made up of the following hackers: Martin Jr Bruce (Team Lead): representing the Young at Heart Team - a student/graduate volunteer team. Nathaniel Alpha: representing Ghana Think Foundation which focuses mobilizing the youth for development. Prince Agbata: a passionate software developer/programmer Uche Eze: a passionate programmer Desmond Okyere: a young budding communication expert from the Ghana Institute of Journalism

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