Inspiration: It was a great challenge for 4 beginners to build a collaborative whiteboard app.

What it does: With OrangeBoard, you can start a collaborative whiteboard session with your team, colleagues, and educators to visualize ideas remotely. OrangeBoard is also integrated with the Slack API so you can start a session in a workspace channel with a quick and easy / slash command.

How we built it: We used the opensource for the whiteboard, and we modified it by adding more features using the technologies mentioned above.

Challenges we ran into: We had difficulties sending and receiving information from the database. Creating instance rooms was a challenge for a real-time application. Integrating slack API was challenging because of a lack of knowledge using authentication tools. Learning front-end languages.

Accomplishments that we proud of: We made instance rooms and we successfully made a bolt with Slack API. It was cool to see that our app worked.

What we learned: How to use authentication, how modules are managed, how to interface with APIs, how to use web frameworks, how to use git in a collaborative environment, and how to work as a part of the team for a CS project.

What’s next for Orange Board: Manage the Login Process.

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