The purpose of Orange is to help its user to prevent the outbreak of the influenza virus by counteracting it before the breakout of symptoms. Scientific studies have shown that markers like the resting heart rate (RHR) during the first 4 hours of sleep can serve as an indicator whether a person’s immune system is already fighting influenza even before the person himself/herself notices that he/she got sick.

In addition to making use of the RHR, Orange also takes into account statistical data containing densities of influenza infections across Germany provided by the Robert Koch Institute to further increase the accuracy of the prediction. The data is combined with historic location data of the user to determine whether she spent a lot of time in high-risk environments during the last days.

By using Orange, the user gets personalized recommendations to conduct effective counter-measures for preventing an outbreak or reducing the effects. As Orange also informs the user, this might include taking in zinc, giving the body more rest than usual as well as staying at home to prevent infection of coworkers. Thus, the user can significantly increase the chance to prevent an outbreak at the early stage of the disease.

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