When I came to the U.S. from Tanzania four years ago, I realized that I wasn’t a good public speaker. So I set about trying to fix that by going to Toastmasters meetings. There, I learned some tricks to speaking better. But more recently I wanted to bring those tricks into a public speaking app. That's why I created Orai, a public speaking app. We launched the app last month on the App Store.

But for the TechCrunch Hackathon, we wanted to build something great and something new. We wanted to create an artificial intelligent speech coach; when you talk to this AI, you feel like you are talking to a human speech coach.

What it does:

A user can ask various questions for help with their speech and Alexa responds accordingly:

  1. Hey Alexa, ask Orai for help on: -my elevator pitch -my startup pitch -my keynote -my TechCrunch pitch (Alexa provides a little bit of help for these types of speeches; very similar to what a speech coach would say). Example: Alexa's answer for "TechCrunch pitch": Begin with a story to hook your listener; this can be a personal experience of you facing the problem you are trying to solve. Then talk about your innovative solution. Lastly, the judges want to know how you built it.

  2. Hey Alexa, ask Orai to give me the prompt of the day (Similar to "Word of the day", Alexa can now give the user a different prompt everyday to practice on).

  3. Hey Alexa, ask Orai for a famous quote

  4. Hey Alexa, ask Orai for an idiom

  5. Hey Alexa, ask Orai for feedback on my speeches (Alexa looks into the database for the users previous recordings done through the mobile app and forms one sentence summary of the user's progress; this includes most used filler word, their overall pace and energy variation).

Now everyone can become a better speaker from their home!

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