Oracle is an intelligent assistant that provides a new web browsing experience. It is a full featured natural language processing chrome extension that provides useful suggestions, tip, actions and information based on the visible content on demand. Built through a wide array of technologies neatly intertwined.The frontend is built primarily with React, Redux, and Immutable at its core. The backend gateway is built on Node.js, Express, and ZeroMQ for passing messages. The core of the extension relies entirely on the Natural Language Processing(NLP) engine that was custom built during the hackathon. We didn't use any NLP frameworks or libraries. The Engine was built using Stanford's University and NER Tagger, Java 8, Python, Google API's, Twitter, Wikipedia, Youtube, and Yelp among others.All our source is publicly available to the public and hosted on github. Feel free to browse our source code, commit history, etc. We hope you enjoy our hackathon project as much as we enjoyed making it for this event.

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