The inspiration came from working with multiple Oracle-based projects like Chainlink, Provable, and now Aeternity oracles.

What it does

It helps to integrate the oracle system in your aeternity smart contracts with much more ease also it provides more features like.

-> Easy to use:- Practically 6 lines of code to integrate Aeternity oracle system through API.

-> Proof-based queries:- Where you can query with URL as the question and the answer will be the result and the proof in bytes.

-> Encrypted queries:- Encrypt your URL if it contains any secret key before you ask it as a question and you will still get the result.

How we built it

I start from scratch. Building OracleConnector then Oracle address resolver and Bringing Say.aes API to life to be used by Users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I successfully ran the tests and all of the three oracle types gave the appropriate response.

What we learned

I learned new techniques of aeternity SDK, middleware, and other methods.

What's next for Oracle 2.0

New features that are planned in future, Like Price Feed query, Digital NFT creation and more can be seen here:

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