This app was created to increase connectivity between people in Cupertino. It is designed to help Cupertino residents make a little money on the side or have menial jobs done quickly.

What it does

The app connects people who need a job done and worker who can be anyone. It deals with money and time negotiations and takes care of everything for you. It allows you to get your work done quick and support other Cupertino citizens.

How I built it

Our team used swift with Xcode and created an iOS app.

Challenges I ran into

One difficulty, we ran into was creating a log in system with Firebase, and Google took the longest time as it was the most difficult task for us. We were able to accomplish this task with the help of mentors.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we made a useful app to connect the citizens of Cupertino so that they can earn extra money and help each other.

What I learned

We learnt that making an app is difficult and you get a great deal of unexpected errors and challenges that you could have never predicted.

What's next for Opus

We plan to add better UI so that the app is easier to use and looks better. We want to add it to Android in order to have the most users possible.

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