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What it does

Converts image of product to text, then the text that is captured in image to speech and when scan button is pressed the most recent scan can be plays and can be replayed by the user as necessary.

How we built it

Google Vision Optical Character Recognition (OCR) - Google Text to Speech - Front End - React Native with Expo, Typescript Backend - node.js, Google API

Challenges we ran into

Trying to find a way to effective work together while being 100% percent virtual and not really having any experience in this kind of development we spent a lot of time trying to accessing Native Features in React Native so the process of learning and applying it into 24 hours was very difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

How well we were all able to work together and collect a developed idea into a product. We are all very passionate developers so staying up until 2am on Discord laughing at code errors and being able to get what we have done has felt amazing for the circumstances.

What we learned

We learned how to get the camera working in React Native which was the biggest feature, although we were mentally exhausted to integrate the features we wanted for the camera, but were excited to see how far we can go after HackNC2020!

What's next for Optix

Saving item capability - “buy again” or “save for later” Walking navigation throughout store - Visual Positioning System (VPS) Multi-Language capability Change voice preferences Upscale buttons, Swipe feature, Price tracker Partnering with mainstream retail/grocery stores

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