Nowadays the universal speak is Digital. The youth expresses themselves on different social media platforms as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. To reach this youth and letting them get acquainted with Optiver and trading we built Snaptiver. Snaptiver uses a UDP-socket connection to get the latest trading price for the futures on the Optiver exchange and let’s you share this data in a caption on a new snap with a cool sticker to your friends. So they know what’s up, just like you know.

For the rest.. (The past 24 hours)
We did the challenge of Optiver. In the 24 hours and two group members had to start learning Python from scratch before even working on the datasets of Optiver. And one group member which made the app started learning Swift from scratch and the Snap Kit API. We all learned a lot in the past 24 hours and these skills will go beyond the hackathon. First year Computer Science Students and one Premaster Student learned about Sockets, Snap Kit, Machine Learning (Tensorflow and Keras, and started learning python today!) and Trading Strategies. It was heavy but we think we learned a lot of valuable things in such a short amount of time.

Because the Snaptiver app is a finished product we are very proud of and also works with the Optiver exchange. We would like to win the snapchat spectacles as a nice reminder of this event and the companies we hacked for.

We are all Computer Science students at the TU Delft and members of Christiaan Huygens.

Note that: we have one more team member that already went home. He is included in the github too but we do not have his email and is now reachable as for now.

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