Millennials are bombarded with spammy offers everyday. Why don't financial institutions just let users determine who they want to receive offers from based on transactional spending?

Emails from daily deal sites that are not catered to the individual. For example, I purchased an iPad, but I get spammy emails promoting Android tablet accessories. Irrelevant and annoying!

Financial institutions know customer spending patterns. They have the information to really help their customers.

So we sought out to answer the question:

How can a financial institution build trust with millennials while providing a value added service based on customer spending habits?

We interviewed 20 millennials and came up with two key points to drive savings and trust.

  1. Ask the customer from whom they want to receive offers.
  2. Curate custom and relevant emails.

Introducing OptIn. Tinder for your spending. Customers OptIn to merchants they will get promotional content from based on their actual spending patterns. Simply swipe on actual transactions to activate relevant merchant promotions!

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