Optimus was put online in 2018. Its founder, Mr. JOHN Mouhamadou has witnessed the difficulty of the graduation process, the proliferation of false CVs, the verification of the academic background of candidates applying for a job.

What it does

Optimus is a digital platform that enables school departments to dematerialize, simplify and secure degrees. The digital diploma certification platform will make it possible to fight fraud on CVs, to facilitate and dematerialise the process of obtaining diplomas, but also to secure thanks to a double authentication by QR code and thanks to the unique identification number associated with it. to the identity of each diploma.

How we built it

The platform was built with the bootstrap laravel framework and the integrated python language to determine the algorithm to generate a unique registration number for graduates. In each issue we also combine a QR-CODE system so that employers can scan and verify the authenticity of the graduates.

Challenges we ran into

Our goal is to expand the coverage of academic qualification verification as quickly as possible, creating the first single-desk audit center in Africa. Our mission is to create a One-Stop Shop for Certificate Authentication in Africa.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are laureates of the price of digital innovation coorganized with tigo Senegal and the NGO reach for change in 2016 and in 2018 we were laureats of the prize of the foundation tony elumelu of nigeria with the bank UBA.We are present in more than 15 schools currently using our seneschool sms platform

What we learned

We have gained a lot of experience including how to popularize and optimize our stratup but also the spirit of organizational leadership and today we are ready to launch ourselves on the market

What's next for Optimusverify

After senegal we intend to deploy in all countries of French-speaking Africa and then attack other countries in the next 2 years

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