A lot of part-time commuters found it difficult to make informed decisions on whether or not to buy season tickets or advance returns. Two of our mentors even built their own spreadsheets to tackle this problem themselves.

In addition, there is a lack of train specific customer data. We know how many people bought a season ticket, but don’t know how many times they’re actually using the ticket each week.

What it does

An app that makes it quicker and easier for users to plan their commute. Ability to collect data on the days/ times season ticket holders actually plan to travel.

How we built it

We combine train and ticketing information from UK companies with real time input from users about their travelling requirements and flexibility to find them the cheapest total fare.

Challenges we ran into

Narrowing down on a focus for this weekend. There were many areas that we would have liked to tackle in the ticketing and fares sector.

What's next for Optimus

Watch our presentation for more details!

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