One of our exams decided to put our exam on a Saturday in order for us to have an even flow of exams during midterms. Although this was a nice offer, another teacher decided to put the exam on the same date. This inspired us to create a platform in which teachers can coordinate exam schedules in the the same week.

What it does

Takes teacher and student inputs in order to accommodate a schedule that works well for everyone.

How we built it

java and eclipse

Challenges we ran into

compiling specific methods and combining classes... and the optimizing function itself

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning from experience, as a group and through trial and error. Though we did not succeed, we learned how to work in a group environment and had fun!

What we learned

We need GitHub, and possibly collaborate easily on it

What's next for Optimizing Exam Schedules

tba - we are to find out!

Built With

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