Students from minority background often have less access to STEM resources. This project was dedicated to students from low-income background with lack of access to resources and mentors.

What it does

Optimize connects students with mentor and provides resources to do research independently.

How we built it

Through BuildFire, a mobile app builder. Adobe XD was used to design the app initially.

Challenges we ran into

The lack of time and difference of experience with coding in general. We both joined relatively late, so our app design and video were noticeably rushed. I (Sophie) also have little to none experience in coding, resorting to cheaper alternatives instead. It was also difficult to find apps that we could use to build our app for free.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we managed to pull through this project despite the struggles with had throughout the process.

What we learned

We learned about different ways apps can be built and how to collaborate under time constraint.

What's next for Optimize One

The next step for Optimize One is to continue furnishing the app's interior design.

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