To make sure that the most primitive, yet fundamental functionality actually works on the OVM, we developed a quick transfer CLI application with our Plasma Client implementation that has OVM core logic.

What it does

You can send a certain amount of Plasma-ETH to another wallet, specifying a certain range that the sender owns.

How I built it

We used our own L2 client development framework in Rust that has OVM core logic.

Challenges I ran into

We were going to build an Android frontend with our Plasma client at first, but got into some trouble with native bridging between Android and Rust native code. Since we started expecting to run out of time, we changed the direction to develop a CLI application to just make sure transfer actually works.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We implemented a Plasma client on the OVM! Made some progress to present it at DEVCON!

What I learned

We convinced ourself again that preparing multiplatform is necessary to encourage more L2 application developments, but newly got this intuition that it might be too early to implement multiplatform in Rust. This finding could not be achieved without actually building a frontend with our Rust Plasma client.

What's next for L2 OVM Implementation

We decided that we will shift the direction to implement L2 clients in different languages for each platform.

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