Inspiration came from the CSS challenge for which we wanted to come up with a way to simplify the understanding of healthiness of different products. Not everybody wants to take the time to calculate the calories, micronutrients and other and see if they eat healthy or not.

What it does

It will allow the user to take a picture of food, get labels out of it and then get a health score based on his personal information. He will then be able to keep track of a lot of information about his nutrition and overall health situation. We also added a gamification aspect to the project I which you can share challenges with your friends, see how well you did the last months, the current month.

There is also a finance aspect that would actually link to how much money you would have to budget to eat the way you are and give recommendation on products that could interest you in your price range.

How we built it

We built it mainly using Python, PHP, HTML, CSS We split the work into backend / frontend / supporting functions. By using Flask for the backend we allowed an easy integration with the helper functions.

Challenges we ran into

Providing a working solution on a public server. We need to use a local installation for the demo because we did not find the cause of error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Did not die. The gamification aspect was really important to us and the formula to calculate the health score is also something that we never saw on the internet

What we learned

Python for some of the hackers and new frameworks, worked for the first time with Google Vision API

What's next for OptiLife

If CSS is interested we might want to expand on some aspects of the product and see if an integration with CSS clients could be possible

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