Lines suck. And when the solution is as simple as adding another cashier or even a bus, lines seem to suck even more. Optical IQ solves this common problem by turning the real-time tracking industry on its head.

Optical IQ uses a simple processor and internet-connected webcam to gather critical occupancy and rate information that previously was only available through manual counting or invasive Wi-Fi tracking.

Optical IQ creates real-time customer knowledge so companies know when surge capacity is needed. And with a constantly updating mean backend algorithm, organizations will be able to test and plan service capacity through a variety of scenarios.

The inexpensive hardware and innovative build of Optical IQ also makes it a highly-scalable solution for organizations large and small. Moreover, the simple architecture of the API backend should enable organizations to roll Optical IQ data into a variety of other tracking utilities.

Meet the tracking solution you can finally trust.

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