In courier system we have list of address to visit.Using this info an route ma is created considering various issues such as type of service express or normal,time bounds,density of deliveries in particular areas,etc.This script marks all address and differentiates by color of marker red/green.Sorts and routes addresses by shortest path algorithm.Key feature is you can select group of address to deliver by bicycle creating other route differentiated by green path. So,that no need to think of problems of parking and reversing of vehicle. To select this address you can get info by clicking on marker to get distance and time details.So,in congested road cycling is best option.Final routed file is copied to deliverer phone so that he can follow the instruction where to cycle and get better driving route.The extension can be given to openX by creating an android app which gets vehicle info of position and sends to server by Google cloud messaging to keep track on route and alert deliverer when he reaches the delivering points.By capturing fuel data of vehicle we can estimate delivery cost and plan for better getting live feed we can update status of delivery instantly. KEY POINTS: 1)Main problem in delivery system is routing.Driver must not pass a route more than once .So with a optimal route map we have less dependency on deliverer planning skill.He just need to follow the route. 2)Giving few minutes by some one who have better knowledge about city roads .Where the bicycle routes are to be chosen,we can consume time and fuel resources. 3)By the info from the markers we know the time bounds of deliveries . 4)Following a map by Landmarks is traditional way from olden days is replaced by following the routes.

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