We have been working with a nonprofit organization that works for Youth Workforce & Education programs to serve disconnected youth. The case managers used to meet with their clients(youth) in f2f and support the enrollment of WIOA(Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act) opportunities. When COVID-19 hits, they were struggling to reach out to youth, to communicate with them, and support enrollment. Oppro helps digitize and centralize communications between case managers and youth from outreach to enrollment. Due to the social distancing order, it became extremely difficult to get the documents signed by the youth. We looked for the solution that works for the disconnected youth community, the majority of whom do not have computers and use mobile phones as a main communication device. It was not easy for them to access the necessary resources and to connect with their case manager. A mobile solution was always a mandatory requirement for us. Because DocuSign is simple and easy for both youth and case manager to use, even via mobile devices, we started thinking about integrating it for the agreement process of our solution.

What it does

We found out DocuSign eSignature REST API works the best on the Oppro integration. The case managers upload pdf forms onto Oppro, and send signature requests to their youth registered on Oppro. These forms work as templates for other case managers to use for their youth. Youth receive SMS notifications with a link to the DocuSign integrated screen on Oppro which allows them to sign seamlessly from their mobile devices.

How I built it

We used Authorization Code Grant for OAuth as each case manager needs to login to manage only their youth documents to be e-signed. Security is the most important requirement on Oppro. For the seamless integration of DocuSign features on Oppro, we created a “Forms” tab on the app and used iFrame for DocuSign screen so that the case managers can use the eSignature feature on Oppro UI in the same manner they currently do, which is 1. select youth to send messages 2 edit SMS message on Oppro. As for the APIs, we used Envelopes category APIs to create an envelope by uploading multiple pdf forms managed on Oppro to be sent to youth. One of the requirements is to deliver all messages from Oppro(their Case Manager) to the youth via SMS. Also, instead of using the default email notification feature in DocuSign, we are using the internal SMS feature to request youth to sign documents with messages customized by their case managers.

Challenges I ran into

Integrating DocuSign features into Oppro, and maintaining seamless experiences at the same time was challenging. There were some pre-conditions we need to keep. From the youth’s perspective, all of the communications need to be sent via SMS, not email. From the case managers’ perspective, they want to use Oppro since they are already familiar with the product and have been managing youth contact information and sharing documents. Adding an eSignature on Oppro keeping these conditions required some feasibility studies. As a result, to make it as simple as possible, I chose Authorization Code Grant for OAuth and integrated the feature using iFrame and Envelopes category APIs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

By incorporating and agreement process and the existing system, we were able to deliver seamless experience to both the youth and case managers, without creating stress of having them learn new features or changing their behaviors drastically. I strongly believe our users will be delighted to use the integrated eSignature feature with less learning costs.

What I learned

In the beginning, I was not aware of the possibility which our app can integrate the eSignature feature. DocuSign eSignature API allows us to deal with complicated forms to be filled and signed for their youth even in these challenging times.

What's next for Oppro: Help youth connect opportunities and enroll digitally

Our team will validate the value of the integrated eSignature feature with case managers in real use cases to serve disconnected youth. Then we will expand to other organizations that serve a similar disconnected youth community.

For "Try it out" on the demo site

You can login using a demo account Email Address"" and Oass "OpproDemo123!" You can add any youth in Contacts by inputting name and phone number before sending a form signature request. The phone number will receive the signature request when you specify the youth as recipients on the Forms feature.

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