Inspiration It's really hard for college students to keep track of all the internship, research, and volunteer opportunities that we learn about through innumerable email blasts, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, club and organisation blurbs, and what not. OpporWeb aims to make a singular platform where students will be able to look at all these scattered work opportunities at one glance with the click of a button, making our lives much easier. (It's hard to get those jobs as it is!)

What it does It has multiple tabs which take you exactly to the kind of opportunities you are looking for. The website is easy to navigate, accurate, and up to date. Several opportunities are listed according to type, level of skill, and location so that you are able to find that perfect summer or full time job you are looking for. The design is fresh, appealing, and interactive. The website is user friendly and the interface is clean. It is the perfect solution to those job hunt woes!

How I built it After attending the beginners' WebDev workshop on February 8th, I was introduced to HTML and CSS for the first time. On February 9th, I decided to apply what I learnt, play around with the design features a little, teach myself some more HTML and CSS, as well as bits of JavaScript on the go and I was able to come up with this prototype of OpporWeb, with a keen focus on user interface design and ease of navigation.

Challenges I ran into As someone brand new to web designing, there were multiple challenges that stood in my way. I was essentially learning the skill from scratch and I had trouble figuring out what modifications affected what parts of my code and how, how to insert navigation bars, embed HTML files within themselves, and conceptualising the interface of my website.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of I'm really proud of the fact that I was able to produce a functioning website within just a couple of hours of being introduced to web design. I'm extremely proud of the simplicity my website embraces, the sheer look of it and its user-friendliness.

What I learned I learnt a LOT of HTML and CSS. I'm now very comfortable with the two languages. And I also got a lot of practice with UI design, something I want to make a career out of.

What's next for OpporWeb My aim is to populate the website's database with a list of all the work opportunities available for college and university students, add different filters for more specific searches, and above all, the ability of companies and organisation recruiters to directly upload their live opportunities to the website. The idea is to keep uploading work opportunities as and when the university becomes aware of them through tech talks, career fairs, emails, and workshops. My aim is to make OpporWeb the most popular platform for student job searches!

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