During his college years, Jordi would take the train on a weekly basis from his village to the city. A short trip during which he would sometimes commute alone or come across friends and acquaintances. This is how he met a social documentary producer with whom, as an Anthropology student, he had an interesting exchange. Jordi also had some issues to meet like-minded people to start projects with. When he was working in Senegal for an NGO, he came across another volunteer group in Dakar. As they both went separate ways, they couldn’t connect for more than 10 minutes. This interesting opportunity to have pursued a deeper potential collaboration was lost in the air. He is sure that there are more opportunities to connect with to collaborator to increase the impact in a country working all over the world together. Living in rural areas made it difficult for him to connect with like-minded people to start new projects and look for other institutions to work with, increasing the impact. This is how Opportumeety started to have a shape.

What it does

Initially, the app was designed to connect people in airports, train stations, and public transports. Then we added a special strategic feature to allow our users to create communities and events to be focused on events by offering the option to share trips to and from events to connect, avoiding the need to reach the critical mass connecting people who travel on the same days. Today, the concept grew into a more social platform for social globalization addressed to global citizens.

Now, because of coronavirus, we must iterate, add new functionality, and hide the old one until there is a cure. But we can use what we already have as the basis for new digital interactions. we have several ideas.

How I built it

As a bootstrapped social startup. We are several cofounders but we are looking for more. We all are going to have share.

Challenges I ran into

Remote Working & Education

**- E-Learning methods & tools online interactions/ group learning

- Efficient team work improve communication teambuilding during remote work

Business Continuity

- Family life during remote working & education lack of meaningful social contacts with peers

- New and resilient business models

  1. tools and new business models too allow the service sector (e.g. tourism and horeca) to keep providing value to customers
  2. easy tools to help start-ups and SMEs move online
  3. new business models or ideas which would consider other big crisis, while creating jobs to recover from the economic crisis created by Covid-19.

- Value chains & logistics

  1. reconfiguring value chains - quickly adapt businesses to position themselves in changing value chains, find new suppliers and customers in a changing economy
  2. logistics and value chains develop systems that allow users to better adapt their stock management and logistics to quickly adapt to changing demand and circumstances (e.g. border checks within the EU)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We already have the platform and a team-building function. We can build a function related to these challenges and team up in this adventure. As long as you want.

What I learned

That because of coronavirus we must facilitate tools to build confidence for face to face and social interactions. We can not forget how to connect, we were in a society without it, and it's not good.

What's next for Opportumeety

Define a new functionality and a team to build it.

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