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Did you know that at least 70% of the people who have smartphones have more than one SIM cards installed for different Mobile Network Operators(MNOs)?

What inspired our team was the fact that we happen to be part of this group. Some of us have Telkom, Airtel, and Safaricom or two of these lines installed in our phones. The major challenge we face is being able to cram all the USSD processes involved in these MNOs when accessing various services. For instance, How do you send money from Telkom to Safaricom or to Airtel and vice versa through USSD? This was one of the puzzle questions we kept asking ourselves. These processes are really long and hard to master.

We represent a large group of people who go through the same challenges. We believe this is a real problem that's why we came up with this solution.

What it does

Opis App basically provides a user-friendly interface. It simplifies all these processes such as sending money from one network to another or buying goods without actually having to master the long USSD processes that are involved. The App is purely offline hence reliable.

How we built it

The App is built using JAVA programming language. We did a lot of feasibility study and also realized that there was a great need for such Application

Challenges we ran into

Mobile Network Operators may at some point update their USSD code processes. This will force us to update the existing application since the MNOs updates will directly affect how our application will function.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have managed to publish the application to the Google Play Store for users to download it and interact with it. The feedback we are getting from users is helping us improve on the application

What we learned

It feels good to give back to the community by solving their problems through innovation.

What's next for Opis

Currently, we have built Opis for Android phones, but we have plans to develop Opis for IOS phones.

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