Opinion - is a social application for creating polls, which will help to know the opinion of the world, your country or friends using the statistical criteria: country, city, gender, age, marital status, etc.

Do you want to know the opinion of other people or share your own opinion? Wanna share your opinion to the whole world? So this application is for you.

Key features:

  • 3 forms of creating a new question. You can ask a single, versus and multiple question, as you want.
  • Translated on 8 languages. One click and question will be displayed on your selected language.
  • Ask your friends from other social network. You can easily ask any question to your friends from Facebook and Vkontakte.
  • Leave comments. You can easily add your comments and read what other think.
  • Detailed statistic of the vote. Analyze the results of the vote in the real time.
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