We had played RPG games before, specifically of the horror variety, and wanted to try creating one ourselves based on what we know about them.

How it works

You navigate your character, Ace, using the right and left button keys. When you come into contact with certain stimuli [characters, objects, etc.], you are given options on what you want to do based on what you ran into. Your choices trigger events, animations and give many options for the story to end. Your primary mission: get out of the amusement park safely. Don't let other "quests" get in your way of the ultimate goal. There are multiple [BAD ENDS] but also many [GOOD ENDS]

Challenges I ran into

The only code we were able to run would move the character back and forth.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We created beautiful background and a compelling story line.

What I learned

We learned a bit about C#, enough to work on it by ourselves, and how to use Unity. We also learned about creating backgrounds and getting sprites.

What's next for Ophelia - The RPG Horror Game

We plan to work with our code to make it finally work and expand on our current storyline to introduce new characters and make the plot more thrilling, involved and most of all, HORRIFYINGGGGG

Built With

  • c#
  • google-presentation
  • unity
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