With financial institutions open across the country during this pandemic, we are increasing the risk of outbreaks. On-location activity is particularly important for traders who need robust, real-time communication and sales teams that are subject to specific compliance monitoring. In the event of an outbreak, a financial institution may not be able to accurately identify every employee at risk and in turn, can be forced to shut down completely. There is a huge opportunity cost due to a loss of revenue from shutdowns.

The ability to control an outbreak and immediately trace down which employees should quarantine is crucial. Recent studies have shown that 80% of transmissions can be prevented through immediate contact tracing. Manual contact tracing can take days, reducing the efficiency all the way to 5%. New innovations by Apple & Google to help with contact tracing aren’t working either, because only 3 in 5 Americans report a willingness to use the software. These applications have ranges of hundreds of feet and in a closed setting would not efficiently track user interactions. Our technology can be used to help financial institutions as well as schools and other workplaces make data-driven decisions such as what areas to monitor, which employees to send home, and how to predict when an outbreak will happen.

What is OPEX?

OPEX is a startup focusing on providing solutions for contact tracing. Our long term vision is to provide asset tracking solutions.

Health Check

Through Health Check, employees answer questions about symptoms they may be experiencing to indicate their risk of having COVID-19. Our survey is logged daily and is formatted based on CDC guidelines.

Contact Tracing

Our contact tracing feature reports an office's overall safety, contact risk, COVID risk, & the risks for each employee. This information enables banks to control an outbreak by notifying them which employees may have COVID & where to schedule deep cleanings.

Key Benefits

For Financial Institutions

  • Disruptively Cost-Effective Solution for Contact Tracing.

  • Fast & Easy Deployment: Deploy this solution within days.

  • Safe: All hardware meets US standards & certification requirements.

  • Endless Possibilities: Our platform is "expandable" so you can leverage your infrastructure investment for twin solutions in inventory management, asset tracking, and more.

For Employees

  • Peace of mind for employees.

  • Captures location & interaction events helping employees avoid routes through highly congested office spaces.

  • The system maintains user privacy by randomizing data ID's.

Behind Our Build

  • React/Java Script/CSS (UI)
  • SQL (Database Queries)
  • C# (Data Processing & API)
  • Python (Machine Learning & Data Collection)

Built With

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