We wanted to make an amazing product, more accessible to people not familiar with it.

What it does

Graphical representation of data acquired from the majestic api and sourcing it to gather interesting information regarding a user's site.

How I built it

We used php back-end to collect, store and manage data which we implemented in our web service using JavaScript.

Challenges I ran into

We created our own graphical representations which were time consuming, but provided us with the flexibility that we needed for implementation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a program called Stitches that collects screenshots of the linked sites from the url entered, and creates a interesting collage of all the screenshots.

What I learned

We learnt cross-platform collaboration which is beneficial to our skill sets and something that we could use for implementation in future hackathons/projects.

What's next for OperationRedBrick

Sleep, but after that we are thinking of expanding the capabilities of our system to reach our vision that we had in the beginning.

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